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A dozen things you learn from your favorite supernatural/ paranormal books and shows

A dozen things you learn from your favorite supernatural/ paranormal books and shows

  • Love is powerful, but no matter what you do you gonna end dead, supernatural or both.
  • If you are supernatural don’t worry about getting a job because... Being a Supe is your Job! Cars will be available, gas, money... you mention it and it will materialize spontaneously.
  • High School is not a once in a lifetime experience anymore.   
  • There are schools that specializes on your dark arts or in providing for the necessities any Supernatural being needs like: a balanced diet of blood bags and  human blood bags snacks, magic curriculum.
  • That enigmatic guy that for some reason you know you love, beware for he can be your brother
  • Your supernatural condition makes you sexy.  Why? you ask.  Obviously because you are supernatural and a weird allure exudes from every pore on your body. Are there any fat vamps?  If you are fat, you lose all the extra weight?
  • You will be the chosen one, the most powerful, the most talented for your age or at least something never seen before in your species.
  • Life will be a rollercoaster.  You will be faster and amazing now, but know that a plethora of danger will be intrinsic to your Supernatural status.  If you are not the Supe but you friend are, it is worst because you will probably end up dead and probably revived quite frequently.
  • Better have a cool name.  A vampire named Lestat makes and impact.  A vampire name Hank, not so much.  So, the name gives you rep.  The only ones who can get away with it are Bill and Eric because they have southern and viking charm respectively.
  • Sometime hunters will be following your every step and sometimes they will forget all about you.  Maybe they have a quota?
  • If you would write your memoirs, at least a trilogy will be needed.
  • Prepare yourself for some kind of battle or at least to mark your territory in some way.
    • Remember some martial arts would be a plus and since you are a supernatural being, they are already included.  You don’t have to learn how to fight!
    • Hydration is always good whether you are going to mark your territory or having a deathly fight.
    • There is a 99.99% probability you will be in a situation where the world will depend on your actions.  

What have you learned so far?

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