Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Embracing a new year!

Hello Readers Everywhere:

Today is December 31st, 2014.  This year is ending and 2015 is full of new opportunities for all of us. I want beautiful significant experiences for all of you.  Also, I wish for a year abundant in inspiration, creativity and projects. 

This year I have to say, I have not been a proliferous reader.  I think just 19 books were read this year.   Never had time for reading, so this year I plan to change that.  My book jar is laughing because it won.   I had plans to read 55 books this year! So this year I won't get crazy with challenges but I will try my best to read those 55 books.

To all of you I say: 

Enjoy this day and embrace the adventure that 2015 represents for all of us.  Make sure 2015 is not the space between 2014 and 2016 like this smart image.  Make it relevant and most of all, an interesting chapter of your personal story.  Happy New Year!

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

What I am reading right now? Eating Sarah

Just a few short lines to say hello.  

I'm reading Eating Sarah by author Jaret Martens. I have read 39% of this book on my kindle and apps. The title is direct and suggesting of what this book has in store for you. The design is one of the things that made me choose this book, the other was the synopsis. I'm reading this and loving the horror in the story. Some would say this is a Young Adult but I considered it  a horror new adult. Characters are complex, which I appreciate in a story. The main character is smart. I expect a lot from her in the developing of the story.

Hope you look for this book.  Right know is at a great price. I'll stop know...back to reading Eating Sarah.

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Audio review: Cerulean by Anna Kiss

Cerulean by Anna Kyss
Narrator Melissa Moran
Audio format
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
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Cerulean has affinity to the audio format. The story has a good pace and intrinsic rhythm which is fantastic for the audio. This audio seemed short to me. While listening to Cerulean I was immerse in the story.I have to confess that I was truly surprise with the evolution of the story. At first I thought it was about mermaids but it evolves into something new. The main character lives in a totalitarian society where she feels constrained by lack of choices and diversity on her life. Chey is a young girl with many questions. That is why she ends finding answers that change life as she knows it.

Cerulean is narrated by Melissa Moran. This narrator has a beautiful voice, perfect for this audiobook. The narration is single voiced and Moran is a skillful narrator. To help the listener differentiate genders, she changes her voice tone. Melissa Moran provides momentum to this audio by giving a strong voice to the main character. She translated the emotions depicted by author Anna Kiss into the audio, which is great.

Recently I have been disappointed with some audiobooks, So, it has been a pleasure to find a good audio. Audiobooks are deeply affected by their narrator’s performance. Melissa Moran puts a lot of effort on this audio performance. She maintains an adequate pace and the plot flows without unnecessary interruptions. The sound quality in Cerulean is really good and this is a factor that completes the delightful experience of listening to Cerulean.

I earnestly recommend Cerulean. The audio format will give you a really good listening experience, so look for it.

Enjoy your audio!

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Feature and Follow

Feature and Follow is a feature from Parajunkee and Alison Can Read

Before blogging (dark times people!) how would you find out about new books or did you?

Since I opened the first book on my Mom's bookshelf I haven't stop reading.  So I guess that during those dark times I had my bookish news at my Mom's bookshelf.  At high school, I used to browse around until I could find something with good synopsis and interesting cover.  I read a lot of Isabelle Allende from the school's library.  During that era of the dark times, magical realism was essential.

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