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Graphic Saturday! Grimm Fairy Tales Vol.13 by Mark L. Miller

It’s the weekend so time to read on some graphic goodness. Thanks to Netgalley for this week’s offering, Grimm fairy tales vol. 13.

Grimm Fairy Tales Vol.13 by Mark L. Miller
Published: Zenescope Entertainment / Feb 2013/ Jul 2013
Rating: 2.8 out of 5
Source: Netgalley for honest review
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About this comic (from goodreads):
Struggling with the consequences of her actions, Sela begins to try and help the select few inmates who deserve a second chance - never realizing that deep within the prison itself a powerful being watches from the shadows. From the writer of the Jungle Book comes the newest arc that will have fans talking for months to come!

Never having heard anything of this comic at all, I decided to jump in and just enjoy the ride. The concept for this series is a modern reinterpretation of classic fairy tales with a twist that revolves around the occurrences of the life of the Sela Mathers. We start at a prison where the main character finds herself for a particular reason unknown at the moment being a neophyte to this world. This is when we meet Miss Sela Mathers,our protagonist. Her court appointed caseworker visits her in prison to try and explain to Sela that there might be a way out for her out of prison. Sela apparently has no desire whatsoever to leave prison since to her she deserves to be there doing penance. It seems that our girl was involved in the destruction of a school due to her trying to rescue her lost daughter that has been raised by Sela’s greatest enemy. Yeah get your heads around that.

All it’s not what it seems in this prison for gals. As all hell breaks loose in the prison we get to see Sela’s supernatural abilities. She can channel energies from other realms such as oz, wonderland, even neverland. I kid you not. She displays her energy powers during a prison riot, saving people here and there. This incident was merely the appetizer for Sela’s misadventures as inmate 7227,since a prison riot was not enough, she needs to battle her own inner demons and some physical ones in the form of soul sucking zombies.

What can I say about the overall story? While not groundbreaking in any form, this tale does have it’s high points. Between Sela’s interaction with problematic inmates out to shank her and her paranormal problems, there is meat to this story where I thought there would only be a little morsel. Definitely entertaining and quite engaging at least in intervals.

The art can be quite detailed and helps to depict the violence in the story quite well. Then again it suffers from rotating artists and that diminishes the quality somewhat at times. At times it did create the somber, dark and depressing atmosphere that a horror comic or story needs.

To me it rates an 2.8 out of 5. Interesting story but not as fleshed out as it could be and a seesaw artwork throughout the story art. This is not a good jumping point for new readers of Grimm Fairy Tales.   Recommend this comic for mature readers.


  1. This sounds a little similar to the comic book series Fables. Have you read those? I think they're pretty good!


    1. Besides the fairy tale references,they are not really alike. The feeling is a lot different. From the volume that I reviewed it felt more in line with superheroes, more mainstream than a vertigo book. I find Fables better.

  2. I was so tempted to get this from Netgalley! But then life got in the way :( Sad you didn't enjoy it as much as you could have!

    I started a link up post for reviews of Comic books, Graphic novels, Manga, Short Stories, Webcomics etc. if you are interested:


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