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Review: Swell by Julie Rieman Duck

SwellSwell by Julie Rieman Duck
Published: Sept 2012
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Author: Julie Duck
Source: provided by author for an honest review.

A little about this book:
Christian puts his eyes on Beck and after that moment forward love unites them and alcohol comes the glue of that relationship.  When he ends it, Beck finds shelter on big quantities of alcohol and recklessness, until a guy named Jesse works with her on art class.  Beck will change and Christian won't be happy about it.  Jesse will show clarity into Beck's life in a moment when Christian 's darkness threatens to overcome her.

I read Swell in just two days. From the first instant I read it, simply couldn't stop. The story grabbed my interest from the get go. This is one of those books that keeps you thinking afterwards. Characters become familiar to you and you cannot help but try to understand them by constantly learning their next move.

Duck gives us characters to remember. Beck and Christian are complex characters. We see and understand everything through Beck's POV.

Beck changes so drastically that at some point you cannot help but ask: where is the girl from the beginning, the one who knew little about the world around her? She just changes according to how hectic her life becomes. To me Beck is many things and those impressions change with the development of the story. At first she is naive, then she becomes voraciously intrepid in her quest to keep up with her alcohol happy boyfriend. Later she is reckless and finally she is a new person but now is someone who is her own person.

Christian is the trigger in Beck's life. He destroys her little by little, but her love craving heart doesn't see it that way. One of the things that kept me reading was wanting to know if Beck was OK. Every chapter, I read that little paragraph of Beck and simply had to end the chapter. Those little scenes were crude and strong.

Author Julie Duck brought us this thought provoking tale of love and strength of character. I am impressed by Duck's skillful way of transmitting these stories impregnated with the crudeness of reality. I read A Place In This Life (which I loved) but now Swell is my favorite book from this author. She has a fierce way of explaining the world and is fearless when building the world in which her characters are going to thrive in...or end themselves.

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Other books by Julie Duck:
A Place In This Life has earned 4 and 5 star ratings across the board for its intimate portrayal of a teenage girl whose first love is a boy with leukemia. There are no dry eyes when you join the hundreds of readers who have been touched by this deeply moving story. A Place In This Life now available on: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and BookieJar.
To know more about her: * * goodreads *

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